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Shipping Term of The Day: AAAA

The shipping term AAAA ( Always Accessible Always Afloat) used in charter parties and indicates the charterer should always utilize the vessel at terminals or ports where the vessel can arrive and depart from the port and perform cargo operation regardless of port congestion, tidal variation. (Always Accessible) this shipping term affects detention clause of charter party.(i.e. the owner of the vessel can trigger the detention clause if the port is not always accessible). Also the charterer should guarantee that the port’s anchorage, channel, and berth has sufficient depth of water which the vessel is always afloat when arrives, berths and sail from the port(Always Afloat).

News Of The Week

News of The Week: 6 October

below are a recap of this week top shipping industry news:

  • Cyber Pirates attacked IMO and CMA-CGM IT infrastructure
  • Brazil is Shipping More Coffee than ever before
  • Stocks, oil prices extend losses after Trump says has coronavirus
  • Hess to sell stake in Gulf of Mexico field to BHP Billiton for $505m
shipping abbrivation

Shipping Term of the Day:BBB

What is Before Breaking Bulk (BBB) ?

BBB stands for Before Breaking Bulk and it means that before discharging commencement of bulk cargo. When in charter party stipulated the freight should be paid Before breaking bulk it means the freight should be paid before discharging commencement.

shipping abbrivation


Full container Load ( FCL) is a shipping term meaning the loaded cargo occupies full container capacity either it is 20 ft container or it is 40 ft container without having to share the container’s space with other shippers. when the arrival date of carrier is approaching and you do not have enough time to wait the container to be loaded in full FCL is the best approach.


Since you have chosen to load your cargo in full capacity of container, there is no contact with other cargo therefor there is no risk of damage or contamination of your shipment.


As mentioned in Full Container Load ( FCL ) you hire the whole container for your cargo and obviously you should pay the whole container hiring price either you loaded whole container or not. The other economical option for the cases that your cargo will not full the container is less than container load (LCL) which we will discuss about this option in our next article.

Port info

Bandar Imam Khomeini -bik Port Position

MAX.SIZE: LOA780ft. and draft 42ft.(S.W.). Vessels of37 ft. draft may enter port at any time. Higher drafts depending on state of tide. Normal rise of tide about 11ft. Entry permitted day or night. APPROACHES: Shipping channels well marked with light beacons and buoys and present no navigational difficulties in clear weather (30 numbers of beacons, 40 numbers of buoys and 2 light vessels). Small unlit tide gauge platform located on edge of the shoal west of shipping channel in Lat. 29˚42’30″N., Long .49˚03’48″E., approximately 1.75 miles west of Khor Musa Approaches Buoy No.4, and shown on Admiralty Chart. Approaching vessels should steer for Khor Musa Light Float, in position Lat. 29˚36’32″N. , Long.49˚ 34’47″E., and from there a course should be set along marked channel for Buoy No. 12 in position Lat .29˚53’20″N., Long. 49˚12’32″E., and Buoy No.7 in position Lat. 29˚53’37″N., Long.49˚12’E. Length of the channel : 69 miles. Minimum Width : 200 meter from beacons 9-14 to beacon 30-23. Minimum Depth 13 meters . (last date of dredging December 2010) Maximum tide in Khowr musa 4 meters and in Bandar Imam Khomeini 6 meters . PILOTAGE: Pilotage is compulsory. Application for Pilot and (along with ETA) to be made 24 hours in advance of vessel’s arrival at Khowr- e Musa Pilot Station, through Agent and Bandar Imam Khomeini Port via VHF channel 16 , and 6 hours before arrival Pilot Station to Bandar Imam Khomeini Port Control on VHF Channel 16. Pilotage operated by Bandar Imam Khomeini Port Authority from Buoy No.12 up to Bandar Imam Khomeini Anchorage. Pilot vessel is usually in position Lat.29˚53.4N., Long.49˚ 16’5E. Normally pilot boards at buoy No. 12 and continues until Bandar Imam Khomeini anchorage. Approach within 2.5 cables of pilot vessel. During adverse weather pilot vessel may proceed above Bar, in such cases, Masters should not attempt proceed inward without Pilot. Often pilot exchange occurs at buoy no 44. Pilot boat is a tug boat with 2400 hbp and 8 knots speed. Anchorage: 1- Outer Bar anchorage located within the following posions: 29˚ 54.96’N 049˚ 09.65′ E 29˚ 37.2′ N 049˚ 34.6′ E Outer anchorage consist of three sections: I. Vessels carrying Dangerous Goods : 29 47.4 N 29 46.4 N 049 18.4 E 049 19.4 E 29 45.4 N 29 44.6 N 049 20.6 E 049 21.5 E II. Vessels Carrying General cargo: 29 52.0 N 29 53.4 N 049 11.6 E 049 10.2 E 29 49.8 N 29 51.0 N 049 14.8 E 049 13.4 E III. Motor Barge Anchorage: 29 55.0 N 29 56.0 N 049 07.0 E 049 07.0 E 29 54.4 N 29 55.0 N 049 09.0 E 049 04.0 E 2- Inner Bar located at following coordinates: 30˚ 06.22 N 29˚ 54.9 N 049˚ 09.56 E 048˚ 56.17 E Inner anchorage consists of three sections. i. Emergency anchorage and vessels carrying dangerous goods (between beacons 33 -44). 30˚ 23.8N 30˚ 24.2 N 048˚58.5E 048˚ 58.5E 30˚ 23.3N 30˚ 23.7N 049˚00.0E 049˚ 00.0 E ii. Anchorage for Panamax, Cape size and vessels anchoring for shor period (between beacons 35-44)

Port Jetties & Equipment Specifications

Port Jetties Specifications

Jetty UseNumberLength (M)Draught (M)Annual Capacity (Ton)
Container5104013700.000 TEU (6.000.000)
Bulk , bagged , Miscellaneous items23310011-1326 Million
Constructional Materials354812-136 Million
Industrial Powder2175134 Million
Grain Silo1240111.5 Million
Oil Products472510-147 Million
Edible Oil236512-133 Million
Port info

Bandar Abbas Port Info

Berth No. Length (m) Max Allowed Draft (m) Usage
1 228 11.35 Oil & Liquid
2 228 11.35 Oil & Liquid
3 190 11.00 Multipurpose
4 340 11.85 Container
5 300 12.35 Container
6 270 12.00 Container
7 250 11.30 Container
8 100 4.80 Barge
9 200 9.85 General Cargo
10 220 9.85 General Cargo
11 350 9.85 General Cargo
12 300 10.35 General Cargo
13 300 11.50 Special Cargo
14 300 11.50 Special Cargo
15 300 11.00 Special Cargo
16 300 10.00 Special Cargo
17 250 10.00 General Cargo
18 220 10.00 General Cargo
19 200 10.00 General Cargo
20 175 10.00 Multipurpose
25 370 14.50 Container
26 370 14.50 Container
27 370 14.50 Container