shipping abbrivation


Full container Load ( FCL) is a shipping term meaning the loaded cargo occupies full container capacity either it is 20 ft container or it is 40 ft container without having to share the container’s space with other shippers. when the arrival date of carrier is approaching and you do not have enough time to wait the container to be loaded in full FCL is the best approach.


Since you have chosen to load your cargo in full capacity of container, there is no contact with other cargo therefor there is no risk of damage or contamination of your shipment.


As mentioned in Full Container Load ( FCL ) you hire the whole container for your cargo and obviously you should pay the whole container hiring price either you loaded whole container or not. The other economical option for the cases that your cargo will not full the container is less than container load (LCL) which we will discuss about this option in our next article.

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